We've fallen head over heels for electric mountain bikes. They're proven time and time again to bring the fun, a deeper sense of adventure, and more exploration than we ever thought possible. For 2022 we're featuring five electric mountain bike models that span a wide variety of uses. Whether you're hauling the camping gear to the fire pit with the El Kahuna SUV, going for an epic trail adventure on your Remote 130, or self-shuttling on the Remote 160, you're going to reach new levels of good times with Kona electric mountain bikes.

A bike for every adventure

Remote 130
Remote 160
El Kahuna SUV

The Remote 130, the Remote 160, and the all-new El Kahuna SUV
El Kahuna

Remote 160

The Remote 160 makes gravity riding completely self-sufficient. A fully-integrated battery keeps the lines clean. With 160mm of travel, powerful disc brakes, and the ability to crush the biggest of hills, you'll never miss a chairlift again.

The Remote 160 features a Shimano E7000 motor and display.
The Remote 160 is running a RockShox Gold RL DebonAir fork and Deluxe Select+ rear shock.
The Remote 160 now runs on 29" wheels to maintain excellent traction.
The move to 29" wheels means updated geometry to accommodate the bigger tires and provide more stability over rough terrain.

Remote 130

The Remote 130 strikes perfect harmony between an all-mountain trail bike and pedal-assist electric bike. Its geometry is derived from the Process 134 and features a 65° head tube angle, 435mm chainstays, and the same reach as its sister 134 bikes.

A sturdy aluminum frame holds Shimano’s E7000 motor and 504 Wh battery.
Tire clearance allows you to run up to a 29x2.5" tire.
Both the Remote 160 and the Remote 130 have a durable, removable battery cover that stands up to abuse from trail debris.

El Kahuna SUV

The new El Kahuna SUV is the perfect answer to your gear-hauling needs. No more struggling to carry heavy loads. A rear rack hauls the pony keg and your tent, while front and rear lights illuminate the path to ensure you don't get lost on the way to the fire pit.

A long-lasting 630 Wh battery provides a longer ride, so more adventures are within reach.
The ROCKSHOX 35 SILVER R fork features 100mm of air-sprung travel.
Schwalbe G-One Allround 29x2.25" tires add an extra bit of traction to every ride.
The rear rack integrates seamlessly with the fender for a clean design.
Front and rear Busch and Müller lights illuminate the darkest of trails and roads.
Hauling gear can make stopping challenging. Fortunately the kickstand will keep things upright and balanced.


The complete overhaul of the Remote brings it into a more performance-oriented arena. With geometry similar to that of a Honzo DL, and featuring a 140mm fork, the Remote is the ultimate electric hardtail weapon for full-on trail shredding.

A fully-integrated 504 Wh internal battery runs Shimano's E7000 motor.
The reach of the Remote matches the reach of the Honzo DL.
A 76° seat tube angle and 66° head tube angle put the rider in a position that is comfortable to pedal, and perfect for descending.