Espoir Cycliste Saint-Etienne Loire - France
Des premiers tours de roue aux premières courses, l'ECSEL à pour ambition de faire découvrir la compétition cycliste aux jeunes "sans pression" , pour que le cyclisme soit pour tous un plaisir ! une ambiance conviviale règne, lors des entrainements ou des compétitions, dans toutes les catégories du club ! Les éducateurs enseignent aux coureurs les grandes valeurs du sport (respect des règles, honnêteté, courage, solidarité etc) Après des tests à l'entraînement et en compétitions, les coureurs du Team Saint-Etienne Loire et le staff technique mettront leur expertise et leurs retours terrain au profit de la marque Kona. Ces précieux retours permettrons à la fois d'orienter la marque dans ses développements et se positionner en tant qu'expert de la route, en proposant des produits qui correspondent aux besoins des pratiquants. Tout sur le club :
I Like Bike - Norway
I like Kona is a group of friends and riders spread out over the south of Norway. We are unpretentious and our focus is on having fun on two wheels. If we haven't met yet You will have the chance of meeting us at enduro or DH races or just on our favourite singletrack. Every day on two wheels is a good one and wether it is a race or just a late night ride we are aiming to share this thru histories, pics and rides together. With support from I like Bike and Kona we are aiming to do more and better than ever before, We will be rolling on Konas, wearing Royal and protected by 7IDP

Bendik Stubstad Henriksen; Operator Supreme and Process 153DL
Arne Radmann; Honzo and Process 153DL
Øyvind Karlsen; Process 153 DL
Christian Sommer Larsen; Process 153
Petter Andres Strøm; Explosif and Process 153DL
Kona Enduro Squad - Belgium
Kona Enduro Squad werd 5 jaar geleden opgericht door Jan Geerts en kende al heel wat succesvolle momenten. Momenteel zijn er 3 teamrijders, allen enduro freaks! Frederik Vandormael, Mathias Defauw en nieuwkomer Tony Nuygen zullen dit jaar deelnemen aan nationale en internationale endurowedstrijden en enkele downhill marathons. Ze geven ook MTB lessen voor jong en oud, voor beginners en gevorderden. De rijders gebruiken de enduromachine bij uitstek, de KONA Proces 153, voor hun wedstrijden in binnen en buitenland. Het team wordt dit jaar ondersteund door KONA , Fietsen Dirk uit Drongen, Cosmic Sports, NoTubes en Touché Sports. Je kan de activiteiten en de wedstrijdresultaten van het sqaud volgen via facebook/Konaendurosquad.
Kona Factory Team - Germany
Carsten Schnürle gründete mit Unterstützung des canadischen MTB Herstellers Kona ein nationales MTB Team zu dem unter anderem auch Top Profi Karl Platt gehörte. Seit 1999 ist er Team Chef dieser Mannschaft. Mirjam Schnürle ist zuständig für die sportliche Leitung. Durch mehrere Podiumsplatzierungen bei Weltmeisterschaften, Europameisterschaften und deutschen Meisterschaften sowie viele weitere nationale und internationale Titel stieg Das Team zu einem der erfolgreichsten MTB-Marathon-Teams in Deutschland auf, worauf auch der Schwerpunkt liegt.

Zum Team gehören Markus Ziegler, Uli Brucker, Sofie Ketterer, Theresia Ketterer, Frank Herr, Michael Hofmann und Thomas Fischer. Das Team ist auf allen großen Bike-Events, sowie sämtlichen Bike-Marathons national und international vertreten, auch 12-Stunden und 24 Stunden Rennen gehören dazu. Ständig aktualisierte Rennergebnisse siehe unten.
Kona Gduro team - Germany
The Kona Gduro team was founded in 2010 by Matthias Haake as the Pedaliero Team, the counterpart of the famous German Pedaliero print magazine, best known for their special issues like the XXL Eurobike edition and spot guides. This year, our fifth year with Kona we’ve renamed our team to KonaGduroTeam. Along with fellow racer Stefan Westerveld the team has more than 30 years of race experience and knowledge. Matthias has raced in all of the big downhill series from the early nineties on with support from the big brands like SRAM, SCHWALBE, BLISS, ERGON and many more since. Stefan has a long BMX race, street and freestyle background. In the mid-2000’s he shifted focus to mountain bike freeride and racing. Talking about racing, the spirit being on the bike in nature, chasing trails and riding with friends is essential for us, whether it is against the clock or just on an after work trail ride.

All of this makes us so stoked to be a part of the Kona family. Thanks for sharing the ride! Meet us in the race pits or on the trail, give us a hug and have a drink. You can find out more at
Kona LTD Team - Netherlands
Het KONA LTD (Laura Turpijn Dirty Pages) team is een Nederlands team dat zich richt op de disciplines cross country, marathon, XC stage races en enduro. Het team komt in actie in binnen- en buitenland. Toffe races met een goede vibe en mooie trails hebben de voorkeur van de teamleden.

De kopvrouw en manager van het team is Laura Turpijn. Zij heeft jarenlange ervaring bij diverse teams opgedaan als teamrider. Deze ervaring draagt ze over aan de leden van het KONA LTD team. De hardware is de HeiHei race deluxe voor de XC en marathon en de process 153 voor de enduro races.

Op kun je de prestaties van het team volgen. KONA LTD TEAM/ / /
MBW-KONA Racing - Ireland
Moycullen bike works (MBW) decided that the West of Ireland needed a mountain bike racing team so MBW-KONA Racing was born. Team boss Garry (Dr WO)Davoren started the team in 2012 with Neil Martin (now team manager) and Jacob Dickson as their only 2 riders. 2013 saw the team expand to 6 riders who had great success winning regional and national events and leagues. 2014 saw the team further expand to 13 riders who mainly race Gravity Enduro but you will also find them at XC, DH, CX and road events. Join them on their Facebook page to follow their ups and downs, wins and losses throughout season. For more information jump to Facebook.
Team Bikeman
For nearly two decades Team has been a mainstay in bike racing. Beginners all the way up to pros proudly compete in the red, white and black of Team Our resume is extensive with state, regional, national and master's worlds champions in our ranks. We are truly a national grassroots racing team with membership from coast to coast. We compete in mountain, road, cyclocross, time trial, triathlon and pretty much anything else you can do on two wheels. If you feel you would be a good fit for Team contact our Team Manager. Click here to check out the team